Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2017-Present

Masters of Science, Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2016

B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering at Lafayette College, 2015

Areas of Interest
Resource recovery from wastewater, fate of emerging contaminants and antibiotic resistance genes, source separated wastewater treatment, environmental public health

Research Projects
I am currently evaluating manure management strategies to reduce the threat of antimicrobial resistant gene transfer from manure microbiome to human pathogens.

Crossette, E., M. Panunto, C. Kuan, Y. M. Mohamoud (2015) APPLICATION OF BASINS/HSPF TO DATA SCARCE WATERSHEDS. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-15/007

Honors and Awards
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2016-2018)
Dwight F. Benton Fellowship in Engineering (2015)
Carroll Phillips Bassett Prize in Civil Engineering (2015)
Lehigh Valley ASCE Outstanding Senior Award (2015)
Viscomi Civil Engineering Student Prize (2015)
Daniel P. O’Neil Memorial Fund Award (2015)
Russel C. Brinker Prize in Civil Engineering (2014)
Morris K. and Stewart L. Udall Foundation Scholarship (2014)
Honorable Mention, Barry Goldwater Scholarship (2014)
Council on Undergraduate Research Outstanding Achievement in Research (2014)
PA Water Environmental Association Student Research Award (2014)
EPA Greater Research Opportunity Fellowship (2013)
Water Works Operators’ Association of Pennsylvania
David A. Long Wastewater Scholarship (2013)
Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society (2013)
William G. McLean Tau Beta Pi Prize (2013)
American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Environmental Chemistry (2012)

Conference and Poster Presentations:

Crossette, E., Raskin, L., Duhaime, M., Wigginton, K. “Quantitative metagenomic approach for classifying environmental reservoirs of antimicrobial resistance.” 2017 Water Microbiology Conference and the 19th IWA-HRWM Symposium. Chapel Hill, NC, May 2017, Poster.

Crossette, E., Raskin, L., Wigginton, K. “Extra and intracellular antimicrobial resistance genes and their fate in dairy cow manure treatment structures.” 2017 Borchardt Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, Poster.

Honorable Mention in Student Poster Competition – Crossette, E., Raskin, L., Aga, D., Wigginton, K., “The forms and persistence of antimicrobial resistance genes (ARG) in dairy farm manure treatment processes,” Gordon Research Conference, Environmental Sciences- Water. Plymouth, NH. June 2016.

Crossette, E., Kney, A., Colosi, J. “Calculating our estrogen footprint; improving a yeast bioassay to quantify the estrogenic compounds released by wastewater treatment plants.” ASCE World Environmental &Water Resource Congress Austin, TX, May 2015

Citrin, R., Crossette, E., Kney, A. “An In-Depth Analysis of the Effectiveness of Hands-On, STEM Education.” Lafayette College Summer Research Symposium. Easton, PA, August 2013, Poster.

Cucinotta, C., Limberg, N., Crossette, E. “Is Bottled Water Threatening your Masculinity? Estrogenic Activity in Disposable Plastic Water Bottles Subject to Heat.” Lafayette College Environmental Poster Session; Easton, PA, Poster, December 2012.

Other Interests
I enjoy gardening, playing violin, traveling, and spending time with cats.

Contact Information:
1351 Beal Avenue EWRE 3
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2125
Twitter: @ECrossette