Institute for Environmental Genomics Seminar Series – Travels Through the World of Water

The International Forum on Advanced Environmental Sciences and Technology (iFAST) aims to provide an interactive forum to bring eminent scientists together to share their most recent advances in environmental sciences and technology with interested students, faculty, and other researchers. It also provides an opportunity to foster interdisciplinary networking among environmental researchers, engineers, and the general audience.

Invited speakers will consist of distinguished scientists from the international community to highlight grand challenges, frontier questions, and opportunities in environmental science and technology as well as potential solutions to on-going environmental challenges. The seminars will focus on fundamental research and will primarily pertain to topics such as climate change, environmental protection, theoretical ecology, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, evolutionary biology, microbial ecology, geosciences, and environmental genomics.

The iFAST seminars will be presented via Zoom on most Wednesdays.  Times will vary due to our international presenters and audience. All seminars are free and open to the public. Registration is required to receive a webinar link. 

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 Prof. Glen Daigger was invited to share his vision and thinkings about grand challenges, frontier questions, and opportunities in water on June 2, 2021.

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