Love Group People

Love Group, April 2019

Dr. Nancy G. Love

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan

Ph.D., P.E., BCEE
IWA Fellow, WEF Fellow, AEESP Fellow
Borchardt and Glysson Collegiate Professor
Adjunct Professor, Addis Ababa University Institute of Biotechnology, Ethiopia

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Chia-Chen Wu

Environmental Engineering

Research Project: Chia-Chen’s work deals with bacterial colonization of point-of-use drinking water filters. Her project is to identify how the opportunistic pathogens from tap water would be removed by or enriched in PoU filters, and to assess the associated risk due to opportunistic pathogens and antibiotic resistance.

Ph.D. Students

Hollie Adejumo

Environmental Engineering

Research Project: Hollie aims to isolate and quantify the bacterium L. pneumophila from various households in Flint, Ecorse, and Genesee County, Michigan to better understand the distribution and risk factors of Legionnaire’s disease.

Zerihun Alemayehu

Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Biological nutrient removal, wastewater treatment process modeling.

Avery Carlson

Environmental Engineering

Research Project: Avery’s work revolves around identifying underlying factors causing dispersed bacterial growth and membrane fouling at a regional wastewater plant, and establishing a framework for finding a long-term solution.

Leon Espira

Epidemiologic Science, School of Public Health

Research Interests: Leon's current scientific interests lie in better understanding transmission mechanisms for pathogens that exploit water and sanitation exposure pathways the community-wide effects of sanitation. His two aims are to show how sanitation improvements in one household can have positive impacts on its neighbors and to measure disease risk from exposure to untreated wastewater that is being used for irrigation of agricultural crops.

Brittany Hicks

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Impacts of aging infrastructure on water quality, presence of opportunistic pathogens in water systems and their impact on human health.

Alyssa Schubert

Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Environmental health and sanitation of water systems, leveraging engineering solutions to address environmental injustices and barriers to environmental equity.

Sara Troutman

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research Project: Sara’s research focuses on applying modeling and control approaches to achieve system-wide objectives for a combined sewer and wastewater system. This includes developing a data-driven modeling toolchain to predict wet-weather impacts on sewer dynamics and simulating coordinated control decisions to operate distributed sewer assets, like pump stations and storage basins.

Brett Wagner

Environmental Engineering

Brett's research focuses on startup strategies for partial nitritation/anammox membrane aerated biofilm reactors (MABR) that will be used in mainstream nitrogen removal.

Master’s Students

Nick Lowe

Environmental Engineering

Research Project: Nick is working on the INFEWS (Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems) project, handling further construction and maintenance of the GG Brown urine diversion system, as well as nutrient analysis in the lab. He is also continuing work on the point of use filter study, testing the effectiveness of an automatic flushing device on water quality and the lifespan of the filter itself.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Brady Nishimiya

Chemical Engineering

Leah Pifer

Environmental Engineering

Julia Raneses

Civil Engineering

Harrison Suchyta

Environmental Engineering

Former Members