Alex Szczuka

Postdoctoral Scholar

2020, Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
2016, M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
2014, B.S. Chemical and Biological Engineering, Princeton University

Areas of Interest
Sustainable water provision, contaminant control, water reuse, decentralized treatment, resource recovery


Research Projects
My current research focuses on bio-molecular reactions that take place in microorganisms during disinfection for improved pathogen control. I am specifically interested in the effect of chemicals on nucleic acids, and applying traditional analytical chemistry techniques to answer microbiology questions.

Selected Publications
Szczuka, A.
, Chuang, Y.H., Chen, F.C., Zhang, Z., Desormeaux, E., Flynn, M., Parodi, J. and Mitch, W.A., 2020. Removal of Pathogens and Chemicals of Emerging Concern by Pilot-Scale FO-RO Hybrid Units Treating RO Concentrate, Graywater, and Sewage for Centralized and Decentralized Potable Reuse. ACS ES&T Water.
Szczuka, A., Berglund-Brown, J.P., Chen, H.K., Quay, A.N. and Mitch, W.A., 2019. Evaluation of a pilot anaerobic secondary effluent for potable reuse: impact of different disinfection schemes on organic fouling of RO membranes and DBP formation. Environmental science & technology53, 3166-3176.
Szczuka, A., Parker, K.M., Harvey, C., Hayes, E., Vengosh, A. and Mitch, W.A., 2017. Regulated and unregulated halogenated disinfection byproduct formation from chlorination of saline groundwater. Water research122, 633-644.

Honors and Awards
Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship: University of Michigan (2020)
AWWA Abel Wolman Graduate Fellowship (2019)
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2015)

Other Interests
Pokemon Go, suburban hiking (walking in circles around North campus), squirrel watching

Contact Information
Instagram: @basementlabrat