Jeremy Nyitrai

Master's Student

[email protected]


  • M.S. Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan (2021)
  • M.S. Environment & Sustainability (Sustainable Systems track), University of Michigan (2021)
  • B.S. Environmental Engineering, University at Buffalo, SUNY (June 2019)

Areas of Interest
Resource recovery from wastewater, urban infrastructure, waste management, corporate sustainability

Research Project
For my Master’s thesis I am conducting a life cycle assessment on a novel two-phase anaerobic membrane bioreactor designed for recovering energy from food waste.  The first-phase utilizes the physiology of ruminants to hydrolyze organics to volatile fatty acids, followed by a second-phase recirculating biomembrane that converts the VFAs to methane.  We are comparing the environmental footprint and economic viability of this new technology to traditional food waste management systems including landfilling, incineration, and composting.

Other Interests
Urban gardening, rec volleyball, hiking