Kathryn Langenfeld

Doctoral Student



2018, M.S.E. Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan
2016, B.S.E. Civil Engineering at the University of Iowa
2016, B.S. Mathematics at the University of Iowa

Areas of Interest
Fate and dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes to the environment from anthropogenic sources, phage-host interactions specifically transduction, quantitative viral metagenomics, modeling of co-evolution between phage and their hosts

Research Projects
The role of transduction on the dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes at wastewater treatment plants by applying metagenomics and mathematical modeling.

Langenfeld, K.
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Honors and Awards
2019 Integrated Training in Microbial Systems Fellowship
2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
2016 Jack A. Borchardt Fellowship and Graduate Student Support Fellowship
2016 DoD National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Awardee

Other Interests
Traveling, running, baking