Raghav Reddy

Research Assistant


[email protected]


• Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, VTU, India [2005 -2009],
• Master’s in Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan [2013- 2015]
• PhD in Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan [2015-present]

Work experience

• Research Executive, Unilever Research India [2009-2012]
At Unilever, I worked primarily on food safe separation processes that supported studies looking at censorial and health benefits of Black Tea beverages.

Areas of Interest:  Drinking water supply and sanitation in resource limited settings, community engagement, environmental conservation, public health

Research Projects:  My work focuses on drinking water supply in arsenic affected parts of rural Bangladesh. Our group has partnered with an NGO in Bangladesh(Asia Arsenic Network) to conduct an integrated assessment study on safe water supply in Bangladesh. We study social, technical and economic factors involved in ensuring 1)safe water supply 2)adequate monitoring of water quality and investigate interventions that can improve current ways of working. At the end of this study we will provide recommendations to various stakeholders involved in water supply, including bangladeshi NGOs, local and central government, policy makers and international donor agencies to aid their efforts in ensuring safe drinking water. This work is supported by the UM Graham Sustainability Institute.

Peer Reviewed Journal articles

1. Tara M. Webster; Raghav R. Reddy; James Y. Tan; Joy D. Van Nostrand; Jizhong Zhou; Kim
F. Hayes; Lutgarde Raskin; 2016, Anaerobic disposal of arsenic-bearing wastes results in low microbially-mediated arsenic volatilization, Environmental Science and Technology.

2. Tara M. Webster; Adam L. Smith; Raghav R. Reddy; Ameet J. Pinto; Kim F. Hayes; Lutgarde Raskin; 2016, Anaerobic microbial community response to methanogenic inhibitors 2-bromoethanoesulfonate and propynoic acid, Microbiology Open.

3. Tara Maire Clancy, Ph.D.; Kathryn V Snyder; Raghav Reddy; Antonio Lanzirotti; Susan E Amrose; Lutgarde Raskin; Kim F Hayes, 2015, Evaluating the cement stabilization of arsenic-bearing iron wastes from drinking water treatment, Journal of Hazardous Materials.

Conference Presentations

1. Raghav R. Reddy, Grace A. van Velden, Grace D. Rodriguez, Md. Rezaul Karim, Md. Joynul Abedin,
Tara M. Webster, Arun Agrawal, Kim F. Hayes, Lutgarde Raskin. The sustainability of safe drinking water rural Bangladesh. Presented at the Borchardt Conference, Ann Arbor, Michigan, February 2017. [Poster presentation]

2. Raghav Reddy, Ahammadul Kabir, Shamim Uddin, Abu Shamim Khan, Wali Ullah, Abdul Haqim, Tara M. Webster, James Tan, Kim F. Hayes, Lutgarde Raskin. Safe handling and disposal of arsenic bearing drinking water treatment wastes in Bangladesh. Presented at the OU WaTER conference, Norman, Oklahoma, September 2015. [Oral presentation]

Other Interests: Food, travel, the outdoors, running, soccer, ultimate, more food.