Renata Starostka

PhD Student

[email protected]




  • Bachelor's in Environmental Engineering, Duke University, 2021
  • Bachelors in Mathematics, Duke University, 2021

Areas of Interest

Anaerobic Digestion, Mathematical Modeling, Resource Recovery

Research Projects

My focus at University of Michigan is on developing a model for the biological and physical components of a dynamic membrane bioreactor. I am also working on parameter optimization in ADM1 (Anaerobic Digestion Model 1) and am interested in combining microbial analyses with microbial parameters to bridge the gap between microbial ecology and engineering design. 

Before coming to University of Michigan, I interned at Oak Ridge National Lab and worked on energy efficiency modeling in building envelopes and at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab on geochemical modeling for hydraulic fracture operations at the shale-fluid interface. I've always had a love of mathematics and the environment and an interest in energy. An undergraduate class project on microbial fuel cells introduced me to the field of wastewater, and I've pursued opportunities to move towards the wastewater and anaerobic digestion field ever since. 

Other Interests

Hiking, reading, cheese, ballroom dance

Contact info
1351 Beal Avenue,
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI, 48109
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (575) 496-6915