Savannah Wujastyk

Master's Student

[email protected]




Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering, Syracuse University, 2022

Bachelor’s in Environment, Sustainability, and Policy, Syracuse University, 2022

Master’s in Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2022 – Present

Areas of Interest

Environmental microbiology, water quality, resource recovery, lake and stream restoration

Research Projects

During undergrad, I researched the airborne chemical species found in CNY using surrogate surfaces and atmospheric mixing ratios. I also had the opportunity to intern for NOAA in their global systems laboratory where I helped to improve the modeling of icing conditions in the atmosphere using verification testing in python and high-performance computing systems.

For my master’s, I am pursuing a different field that is aligned with my current areas of interest. I will be assisting in resource recovery using anaerobic digestion and treatment technologies.

Other Interests

Hiking, reading, traveling, and baking