Soojung Lee

Master's Student

[email protected]




Bachelor’s in Environmental Science and Engineering, Ewha Womans University, 2021

Master’s in Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2021-present

Area of Interest

Environmental microbiology, Metagenomics, Genomics, Microbes in drinking water

Research Project

In my undergrad, I focused on metagenomic analysis of CH4 oxidizing and N2O reducing bacterium from rhizospheres and metagenomic analysis of Hydrogen producing bacterium from food waste through Microbial Electrolysis Cell. I’m currently interested in microbiomes in drinking water treatment system and distribution process. 

Honors and Awards

Ewha Engineering Capstone Design Contest Excellence Award (2020) 

Academic Honors Scholarship at Ewha Womans University (2018-2020)


Lee S, Kim S, Kim YJ, Lee YY, Cho KS*. Characterization of CH4-oxidizing and N2O-reducing Bacterial Consortia Enriched from the Rhizospheres of Maize and Tall Fescue. Kor. J. Microbiol. Biotechnol 2021;49:225- 238.

Other Interests

jogging, traveling, musics, movies, foods(dimsum, tteokbokki, gnocchi)