Yuang Guo

Master's Student

[email protected]



Education Background

Bachelor’s in Environmental Science, Xi’an Jiao Tong Liverpool University, 2022

Master’s in Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, 2022-Present


Work Experience

Research assistant & Chemical Analyst, Second Institute of Oceanography, Department of Natural resources, China, 2022


Areas of interest

Eutrophication, Dry-wet cycle, Biogeochemistry, Paddy soil, Drinking water treatment


Project experience

During my undergrad, I participated a series of projects discovering the biogeochemical process in natural system. For example, I conducted an individual project on finding the trade-off correlation between cadmium and arsenic surrounding the soil capillary fringe. In addition, I also did a large-scale field study discovering the nitrogen circulation at a tidal-intense estuary. However, it is a disappointment to only identify the environmental issues without solving them.

Therefore, I come to study in Michigan to seek for solutions with the engineering tools. Currently, I am assisting with the research on discovering the UV disinfection effects on the microbial community in drinking water systems.


Other interests
Video game, Pokémon, Tennis, Food