Wigginton Group People

Principal Investigator

Dr. Krista Rule Wigginton

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Students

Kathryn Langenfeld

Ph.D. precandidate, Environmental Engineering

Lucinda Li

Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Nutrient recovery through urine separation, environmental health in developing countries, source separated wastewater treatment.

Enrique Rodriguez

Environmental Engineering

Research Project: Enrique’s research involves evaluating nutrient stabilization, pathogen inactivation, and pharmaceutical degradation in source-separated urine treated with plasma oxidation.

M.S. Students

Ernesto Federico Martinez Paz

M.S. student, Environmental Engineering

B.S. Civil Engineering, 2016, University of California, Los Angeles

Undergraduate Students

Michael Alexander Mata

Sophomore, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ariel Roy

Sophomore, Environmental Engineering

Former Members