Biological water and wastewater treatment, anaerobic treatment, methanogens, sulfate-reducing bacteria, perchlorate-reducing bacteria, activated sludge foaming, activated sludge microbiology and system performance, treatment of food processing and agricultural waste streams, membrane bioreactors, antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance in the environment and in biological treatment systems, biofilms, molecular microbial ecology, molecular techniques in environmental microbiology, mathematical modeling of biological processes.

Research Projects

Project Title Researchers Collaborators
Anaerobic membrane bioreactors Adam Smith
Ashley Hammerbeck
Ling Cao
Steven Skerlos
Nancy Love
Biofilms in distribution systems Ameet Pinto Chuanwu Xi (UM SPH)
Arsenic/nitrate removal from drinking water Tara Clancy Kim Hayes
Jess Brown
Development of sustainable shrimp aquaculture Monisha Brown
Ling Cao
Jim Diana (UM SNRE)
Russell Cuhel
Carmen Aguilar