Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene — Collaborative of Researchers & Practitioners

WASH-CoRPs is a forum for graduate students and faculty to develop interdisciplinary knowledge and collaboration in global water, sanitation, and hygiene at the University of Michigan.

Maximizing the impact of WASH research requires consideration of a variety of fields of research and practice, including the individual expectations of and relationships between disciplines. To this end, we have created WASH-CoRPs to foster collaboration across and within the many academic fields engaged in WASH research, fieldwork, and development.

It is our aim to develop stronger research and researchers that are responsive to the growing needs of WASH worldwide and capable of making collaborative, novel, and equitable change.

In our first year, our core group of students and faculty from Environmental Engineering & Epidemiology facilitated a handful of activities both at the University of Michigan and externally including:

  • happy hours with featured research discussions
  • research presentations and guest lectures
  • cross-disciplinary review and critique of our peers’ research
  • development of an internal database of WASH pathogens
  • organization and facilitation of a researcher-practitioner workshop at the 2018 Colorado WASH Symposium
  • host guest experts of global WASH intervention studies to discuss the future of WASH
  • journal club sessions of topical papers of mutual interest

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If you would like to contact us, feel free to send us an email any time at [email protected]

Thank you to Rackham Graduate School at U-M for your sponsorship and support of this Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop!

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