Liem Ellen Setiawan


  • BSE in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Computer Science, expected graduation December 2018

Areas of Interest:  Microbiology of Drinking water, Microplastics in Wastewater

Research Projects: I assist Yun Shen with sampling of shower water and aerosols for pathogens. I also provide assistance to Xavier Fonoll in programming his bioreactor system.

Work Experience

  • Research assistant to Dr. Laura Alford of the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department, the University of Michigan.

Conference and Poster Presentations

  • A. Beljanski, C. Cole, F. Fuxa, E. Setiawan, H. Singh and L. Alford, “Efficiency and Effectiveness of a Low-Cost, Self-Cleaning Microplastic Filtering System for Wastewater Treatment Plants,” 30th National Conference of Undergraduate Research, 7-9 April 2016, Asheville, NC, USA.