Tarrik Quneibi

Master's Student

[email protected]




  • Bachelor’s in environmental engineering, University of Michigan, 2021
  • Master’s in environmental engineering, University of Michigan, 2021-Present

Work experience

  • Research assistant, University of Michigan, 2022-Present
  • Ann Arbor drinking water treatment plant, City of Ann Arbor, 2021
  • Program assistant, University of Michigan, 2020-2021

Areas of interest
Drinking water treatment, implementation of smart systems, storm water management, Data science

Research Projects
During my undergrad, I did research on the use of particle counters to detect cryptosporidium sized particles in drinking water after filtration. This consisted of cleaning and analyzing large datasets to determine trends and correlations.

In my Masters, I did research on the effects of antecedent soil moisture on surface runoff during storm events. Using Python, soil moisture data was pulled from Google Earth Engine and analyzed alongside field sensor data.

I am currently assisting with research on the effects that UV disinfection has on the microbial community, opportunistic pathogens specifically, in drinking water systems.  

Other interests
Playing/Recording music, Reading, Hiking, Food