Postdoctoral Scholars (Current Employer)

  • Rebecca H Lahr (Drinking Water Quality Manager at City of Ann Arbor)
  • William Tarpeh (Assistant Professor, Stanford University, Chemical Engineering)

Ph.D. Students (Current Employer)

  • Heather Goetsch (Research Engineer at National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
  • Zhong Qiao (Self Employed)
  • Nicole Rockey (Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Pittsburgh)
  • Emily Crossette (Microbiome Scientist at Vedanta in Boston)
  • Yinyin Ye (Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering)
  • Kathryn Langenfeld (Post Doctoral Researcher, Stanford University)
  • Enrique Rodriguez (AECOM)

M.S. Students (Current Employer)

  • Eric Liang (Arcadis)
  • Joel Donham (NASA)
  • Brianna Juhrend (Carollo Engineers, Inc.)
  • Miles Ellenberg (Hazen and Sawyer Consultants)
  • Heungkook Stephens (Arcadis)
  • Joy Jeyaratnam (Consumers Energy)
  • Devibaghya Thirunarayanan (Arcadis)
  • Pin-Hsuan Chang (Director of Research at Nuvoda)
  • Kaitlyn Chin (Trussell Technologies)