Daigger Group Research

Treatment technologies form one of the core components of the “toolkit” that Environmental Engineers use to provide water of the quality needed for various purposes (often referred to as “fit for purpose” water), protect the environment, and extract resources from the water cycle. The Daigger Research Group builds on Dr. Daigger’s decades long experience developing and implementing treatment technologies and experience with higher performing water management systems to address real world treatment problems and further develop treatment technologies.

Research Projects

Characterizing the Performance and Operational Characteristics of the Bioreactors at the Detroit, MI, Wastewater Resources Recovery Facility

Students: Zheyi Tian (MS),  Jin Yan (MS), Cheng Yang (MS), Tong Yu(MS), Yuewei Liu(MS),
                Ross Vander Meulen(MS), Chaoqun Cheng(MS), Changyoon Jun* (MS), Cao Yi (MS) 
Collaborators: The Great Lakes Water Authority
Faculty: Glen T. Daigger 

Traverse City Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant Comma Shaped Gram Positive Bacteria Study

Students: Avery Carlson (Ph.D.)  
Collaborators: Traverse City Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
Faculty: Glen T. Daigger 

Mainstream Partial Nitritation/Anammox (PNA) Using Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABRs)

Students: Brett Wagner (Ph.D.)  
Faculty: Glen T. Daigger, Nancy G. Love

Daijiang Environment Corporation

Students: Huanqi He (Ph.D.), Avery Carlson (Ph.D.), Cheng Yang(Ph.D.)
Collaborators: Daijiang Environment Corporation, China
Faculty: Glen T. Daigger 

Incorporation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Into Biological Process Control

Students: Cheng Yang(Ph.D.) 
Collaborators: Dr. Lina Belia (Primodal Inc.)
Faculty: Glen T. Daigger, Branko Kerkerz 

Evaluation of Sustainability of GLWA using LCA and metabolic modeling

Students: Daehyun Ko (Ph.D.)
Collaborators: Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA)
Faculty: Glen T. Digger

Low-Energy Biomembrane Filtration Process for Advanced Water Resource Recovery Systems

Students: Hang (Alex) Song (Ph.D.), Yi Cao (Ph.D)
Collaborators: City of Ann Arbor, inCTRL Solutions, SUEZ
Faculty: Steven Skerlos, Lutgarde Raskin, Glen T. Daigger