Daigger Group People


Ph.D. Students

Avery Carlson

Environmental Engineering

Research Project: Avery’s work revolves around identifying underlying factors causing dispersed bacterial growth and membrane fouling at a regional wastewater plant, and establishing a framework for finding a long-term solution.

Brett Wagner

Environmental Engineering

Brett's research focuses on startup strategies for partial nitritation/anammox membrane aerated biofilm reactors (MABR) that will be used in mainstream nitrogen removal.

Cheng Yang

Environmental Engineering

Cheng’s research focuses on smart wastewater system, including sensor data mining, wastewater process modeling, and control.

Daehyun Ko

Environmental Engineering

Daehyun's research focuses on identifying the energy and material flow of the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) and assessing its environmental impacts through LCA (life cycle assessment). This analysis allows the WRRF to enhance economic and environmental efficiency and achieve its sustainability.

Huanqi (Haley) He

Environmental Engineering

Huanqi (Haley)’s research focuses on the characterization and application of membrane-aerated biofilm reactors (MABRs) for biological nutrient removal.



Master’s Students

Changyoon Jun

Environmental Engineering

Research Project: Changyoon is in the project on identifying the phosphorus removal characteristics through using biological and chemical processes in the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF), proceeding with SBR test, data analysis, regression, and updating SUMO modeling program.

Yi Cao

Environmental Engineering

Yi is focusing on biological phosphorus removal characteristics in the Great Lakes Water Authority Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility and the project of nutrient removal characteristics of the bench scale MABR at Ann Arbor WWTP.


Former Members