Raskin Group People


Dr. Lutgarde Raskin

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan

AAM Fellow, IWA Fellow, WEF Fellow
Altarum/ERIM Russell O'Neal Professor of Engineering

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Caroline Van Steendam

Postdoctoral Researcher

Q. Melina Bautista

Postdoctoral Researcher

(734) 615-5911

Sarah Potgieter

Postdoctoral Researcher


Current PhD Students

Dianna Kit

Doctoral Student

Emily Crossette

Doctoral Student

Kate Dowdell

Doctoral Student

Matthew Vedrin

Doctoral Student

Nicole Rockey

Doctoral Student

Raghav Reddy

Doctoral Student

Shilva Shrestha

Doctoral Student

Current Master Students

Jeremy Nyitrai

Master's Student

Kirk Olsen

Master's Student

Siqi Xue

Master's Student

Current Research Assistants

Timothy Fairley

Research Assistant

Current Undergraduate Students

Devin Pascoe

Undergraduate Student

Lindsay Rasmussen

Undergraduate Student

Lindsey Hayter

Undergraduate Student

Former Members

Former Group Pictures (and Animations ♥)

2018 – From left to right: Timothy Fairley, Melina Bautista, Yun Shen, Lutgarde Raskin, Adelaide Nieguitsila, Kate Dowdell, Emily Crosette, Xavi Fonoll, Tjok Jan Meuwissen, Caroline Van Steendam, Nicole Rockey, Lindsay Hayter, Juliana Huizenga, Sonja Gage, Mathew Vedrin, Raghav Reddy.

2018 – From left to right, back row first: Timothy Fairley, Lindsay Hayter, Juliana Huizenga, Adelaide Nieguitsila, Lutgarde Raskin, Tjok Jan Meuwissen, Nicole Rockey, Xavi Fonoll, Matthew Vedrin, Raghav Reddy, Shilva Shrestha, Lucy Aley, Emily Crossette, Kate Dowdell, Sonja Gagen, Caroline Van Steendam, Matthew Vedrin.

2017 – From left to right, back row first: Emily Crossette, Kate Dowdell, Liem Ellen Setiawan, Sarah Haig, Lindsay Rasmussen, Shilva Shrestha, Raghav Reddy, Yun Shen, Nuria Zamorano-Lopez, Juliana Huizenga, Nicole Rockey, Si Qi (Cindy) Yao, Brittany Colcord, Matthew Verdin, Melina Bautista, Freddy Ordonez, Xavi Fonoll, Caroline Van Steendam, Lutgarde Raskin, Timothy Fairley, Gislhain Djessi Tchouty.

2017 – The Grove. From left to right: Matthew Vedrin, Xavi Fonoll, Timothy Fairley, Lutgarde Raskin, Lindsay Rasmussen, Raghav Reddy, Nuria Zamorano-Lopez, Kate Dowdell, Caroline Van Steendam, Gislhain Djessi Tchouty, Nicole Rocky, Freddy Ordonez, Juliana Huizenga, Shilva Shrestha, Si Qi (Cindy) Yao, Sarah Haig, Liem Ellen Setiawan, Brittany Colcord, Yun Shen, Melina Bautista, Emily Crossette.

2016 – Wavefield. From left to right, back row first: Nadine Kotlarz, Nicole Rockey, Lutgarde Raskin, Timothy Fairley, James Yonts, Xavi Fonoll, Grace Van Velden, Raghav Reddy, Sarah Haig, Caroline Van Steendam, Guy Burke, Grace Rodriguez, Julie Fichefet, Emily Crossette, Shilva Shrestha, Si Qi (Cindy) Yao.

2016 – Wavefield. From left to right: Xavi Fonoll, Lutgarde Raskin, Emily Crosette, Julie Fichefet, Timothy Fairley, James Yonts, Grace Van Velden, Shilva Shrestha, Guy Burke, Grace Rodriguez, Nadine Kotlarz, Caroline Van Steendam, Sarah Haig, Nicole Rockey, Si Qi (Cindy) Yao, Raghav Reddy.

2014 – From left to right: Xunchang Fei, Raghav Reddy, Sarah Haig, Nadine Kotlarz, Caroline Van Steendam, Lutgarde Raskin, James Yonts, Shilva Shrestha, Benjamin Kunstman, Sean Murphy